Comfort Briefs, Large, L4, 12 Count

//Comfort Briefs, Large, L4, 12 Count

Comfort Briefs, Large, L4, 12 Count


  • Abri-Form (L4) Comfort Brief, Absorption Level 4, Formerly Called Large X-Plus
  • Plastic-Backed Brief, Fully Waterproof for Maximum Security
  • Features Include Wetness Indicator, Leakage Barrier Cuffs, Elastic Waistline, Refastenable Tapes
  • Large, Fits 40” to 60” Waist/Hips, Absorbs 4000ml
  • Abena’s Most Absorbent Product, One of the Most Absorbent in the World


Abena, the manufacturer of the Abri-Form Adult Brief Line, has a reputation for making the highest quality and the most absorbent incontinence products in the world. Currently, the Abri-Form Line has plastic-backed versions (called Abri-Form Comfort) AND breathable, cloth-backed versions (called Abri-Form Premium). Both versions have been released with different absorption capacities based on four levels: Level 1 thru Level 4. All Abri-Form Briefs feature soft standing leakage barriers, refastenable tape or velcro tabs, an elastic waistband, and unsurpassed quality of construction. And most importantly, Abri-Form Briefs absorb more than U.S. manufactured products. For example, just one Level 4 brief offers up to four times the absorbency of a typical store-brand product. This listing contains the Abri-Form (L4) Comfort Brief. This is a Large plastic-backed product with an Absorption Level 4 (formerly X-Plus and the most absorbent line by Abena). It absorbs up to 4000ml. The Large size fits 40” to 60” waists/hips. Each bag contains 12 units.


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