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Senior Assisted Living Explained

The term “Assisted Living” refers to residential facilities geared toward seniors who need some help with activities of daily living on a regular basis, but who do not require nursing or medical care.

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When Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s

People with Alzheimer's disease have special needs and offer special challenges to those who care for them. Alzheimer's Disease often forces a family to restructure their lives. While each person is different, the following list offers some tips to make everyday living a little more manageable.

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Could it be Alzheimer’s? 10 Early Signs

It's normal to every once in a while forget a phone number, the day of the week, or what you just came in to a room to do. Memory changes, confusion, and disorientation associated with Alzheimer's, however, grow progressively worse over time. The early-stage warning signs may develop gradually and go unnoticed, or, in many cases, they're initially mistaken for the normal aging process.

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What is Dementia & What Are the Symptoms

What is Dementia Dementia is a mental state characterized by a loss of intellectual ability that is long-lasting and consists of a significant decline in memory and other intellectual functions that are needed to carry out every-day activities. While there are many different types of dementia with many different causes, all of the types share a common set of symptoms.

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